Our Features!

Developer Team

    Zaio developers work in teams that we call clusters. Clusters ensure that our developers can share the workload. It allows developers to focus on specific skills like UX/UI, Application logic and back-end development.

Dedicated PM

    Our dedicated project manager ensures that an entrepreneur's idea is communicated into developer-code. Communication of the development progress and management of the timelines are PMs super-power.

Detailed Specification Process

    To best manage expectations, we follow a detailed process to better understand your idea and to ensure that the developers build exactly what you need.

Timeline & Milestone Process

    Part of expectation management involves outlining the timeline for each project. Our technology helps both entrepreneurs and developers to better track and manage the timeline process.

How it works

These four steps will get you going...

Select your Features & Get a Price Range.

By giving us a basic idea of what you're trying too build and the core features,we provide you with a price range.


Meet your Team & Build a Specs

Pay R5000 and we assign you a developer team that will go through a detailed technical specifications process to better understand your requirements and to build mock-screens that bring your idea to life.


Sign off on quote and Pay deposit.

After better understanding the requirements, a more accurate quote and timeline can be provided. A 50% deposit is required to get the ball rolling.


Let the coding Begin!

The project manager will provide feedback loops to keep you up to date with the project progress. Our technology allows you to keep track of every new line of code that gets submitted.


Request a Quote

Request a quote and get a taste of how much affordable we are compared to other dev-houses.


For startups with some cash to spend, we offer the most affordable rates.. Our rates are a third of industry rates

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Equity + Cash Mix

For selected startups with a great idea but very little cash, we offer an equity-cash mix to help get your idea off the ground.

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Jason | Akro

"Zaio has provided us with one of the best developers to work on our projects. Training facilities provided by Zaio was a major help as we did not have to re-train the developer to suit the project requirements!"

Lebo Miya | Flexpay

"I needed three interns for the the development of the Flexpay platform, and Zaio worked as a charm to find these potential developers for Flexpay! Well done Zaio!"

TK | Nisa Finance

"Zaio developers finished the alpha version of our platform two weeks before the deadline! I will continue using Zaio to source any new Nisa Finance developers and will recommend it to any recruiter out there!"

Our Clients & Partners

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing clients that
allow us to come to work every day and push our boundaries.


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