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Our Features!

Quality Resources

    Upskill through our quality vetted resources that will provide you with the fundamentals to building cool stuff!

Coding Challenges

    Earn Zaions by doing coding challenges to gain experience and open paths to cool events & cool swag.

Build Cool Stuff

    Gain experience and showcase your real-world experience by helping really cool startups build out their prototypes or through hackathons.


    24 hours.
    Unlimited Food.
    Unlimited Coffee.
    Limitless Code.

Job Opportunities

    Access and exposure to grad employment opportunities!

Zaio Community

    Join a community of Zaionites shaping the future of African innovation. Find people who can help you when you are stuck.

Coding Challenges

Boost your way to success by engaging with the following types of coding challenges

How it works

Seriously! It's just 5 simple steps...

Create Your Profile

Become a Zaionite to get started on your journey to happiness and success :)


Do Courses & Coding Challenges

Improve your profile by earning Zaions through doing your favorite courses, coding challenges, attending company tours, and internships.


Build MVPs

Practice your skills further and find your X-Factor by creating real world platforms that will be used by startups, and hey earn some side cash too ;)


Get Offers

Sit back,relax and watch interview requests come to you. And guess what, it also includes your Salary!


Land your dream job!

Follow up with offers and choose what best matches with your career goals and salary requirements :)


Build Practical Experience

Ever Asked yourself when the stuff you learn in school would be used to build something in the real world?

Zaio allows you to build & deploy prototypes with startups solving real world problems using technology.

Our Clients & Partners

Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of the amazing clients that
allow us to come to work every day and push our boundaries.


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